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That’s a bummer I enjoyed figuring out ways to skip portions of the level as Sonic.

Another question came to mind. What viability does Knuckles have in competitive netgames (match, CTF, race, etc.)? I asked this question on the Discord and someone said he has an increased fire rate (25%) specifically. Knuckles has always been my favorite character of the three but I’ve learned to accept that I’m bad at ringslinger modes and it’s also lead me to believe that Knuckles has too many shortcomings compared to Tails and Sonic. I feel like he doesn’t really have much of a niche when it comes to ringslinger modes mainly. I’m not too concerned about his role in race mode because Sonic and Tails will always dominate race mode.

Sonic is so hard to hit with his mad thokking prowess and Tails can be too along with being a complete nuisance with rails. Meanwhile, we got Chuckles who is extremely vulnerable and defenseless while climbing walls and doesn’t has a gliding ability that doesn’t hurt opponents so he has to try to shoot while gliding if he wants to take advantage of being in the air.

I don’t really talk about this much though because I don’t know what could be done to buff Knuckles that can allow him to retain his vanilla/nostalgic features (so giving him punching moves is a no). My biggest suggestion would be to allow Knuckles’s glide ability to hurt anyone in his path. Just my two cents.
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