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Ahhh, Opps.... My bad!

*Insert sob story here in the spoiler*
[spoiler:cbfa6888d0]The reason I had the Srb2 forums as spam.

I usually go and check the Srb2 forum everyday, more than my e-mail.

So when I get to my e-mail. 13 new mails are there telling me about the topics stuff I just saw.

So I when to my profile to tell it "Stop sending me mail!" I checked it off.

Later, My E-mail "you got mail" 15 new e-mails -_-''.

So, I said it is just spam to me.
I didn't know that it would send it to the Aol HQ and spam it for every one else. That is my sob story THE END! [/spoiler:cbfa6888d0]

Anyway if there is something I can do pm me.
[Sp47]you know what would be cool,
[Sp47]if they made mobile devices that didn't lag.
[Lumo]my ipod is flawle-
[Lumo] Sorry ipod froze there.
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