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I was making a level called Digital Serenade Zone, after Arrow's website. But too many people called the use of almost exclusively recolored Void Zone textures ugly. Chisuun said his eyes were uncomfortable; Spazzo said it looked putrid; and JEV3 said it couldn't look any worse than it is now.

Therefore, I am completely retexturing it, expanding sections, rebuilding/creating rooms, etc., and renaming it Refurbished Gadgetry Zone.

Anyway, the main gimmick is that it is completely linear according to SRB2DB (or Workbench, if you prefer), yet it really isn't: like TTZ, one path is on the ceiling, the other is on the floor. You can switch between floor and ceiling at any Star Post.
Sound nice. But let's see who spells that name correctly. :P
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