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Not a bad bunch of levels this contest, I must admit. It's weird how I always resurface at some of the most interesting times. Anyways, I'll go ahead and speak my mind about the SP levels since I have yet to fully test the match levels.

Red House by Ice - Another Red's house? It doesn't matter how many times this one has been hashed out, it is rather artistic, and the house itself is deceptively large. Also...haha, I pushed Red off the cliff. 8/10

Pipe Towers - I can honestly say I've seen better from you in the ways of an srb2 level, FFF. But as far as Mario-based level, I like this one. It does have a certain Mario feel to it. 7/10

Aquatic Temple - Kuba, you're are not even nice. A water level with gargoyle statues is not even cool to do to a guy. But you do get an average score for providing a challenge. 6/10

Midnight Pass Zone - I actually don't have much to say about this one. 7/10

Dumbventure by D00D64 - I have to concede right away that you have one interesting mind. With that said, damn is this level good. The music, the challenge the environment, all of it. Two questions do come to mind though:
1)Where's the damn white emerald? Because I either passed or I didn't look hard enough, and
2)How in God's name did you manage to hide 101 emblems in that stage??
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