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While development on new content has been slow due to all of the patches to 2.1 last year, we've finally progressed to the point where we can show off at least a few tidbits of what's upcoming for version 2.2! Like every preview we post, things shown off here are subject to change before release.

Here's a shot of the work-in-progress copy of Arid Canyon Zone Act 2. While a lot of the details are still in need of filling in, the stage is coming together quite nicely and expands on some of the concepts from Act 1 while adding a new gimmick for a little more variety.

Deep Sea Zone has been a sticking point to a lot of players since its release along with 2.0. While it's a lot less far along in development than ACZ2, DSZ is getting a proper revamp to fix a lot of the problems in its initial release, including some completely new content and lots of new texturing.

2.2 expands on including some of the best content from the Official Level Design Contest as vanilla unlockables. If you've entered into the OLDC in the last few years, you might want to keep your ears open. We might even want to include your stage as well.

Good god! I never thought I would live to see 2.2. And... how much time has passed since 2.1's release? It feels like yesterday...

Anyways, I'm so happy to finally see some of ACZ 2. But... Deep Sea Zone... is that you? It looks marvelous, much better than any other version now. And that spindash animation OH GOD. It looks SO damn good. Welp, at least I have something to hold on to while I struggle through 2015.

This is starting to get interesting.
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