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And I really don't think it's that unreasonable to complain about it. It is the worst contest we've had since the OLDC became well-established. Partly what we are complaining about is the turnout itself...the very fact that too few people took initiative to make contest maps. This complaint extends to the entire community, and as such we complainers must also bear some shame ourselves...after all, we clearly are among the individuals too apathetic to have pitched in. But I don't view this as hypocrisy, because I don't spare myself from this anger.
What kind of attitude is this? You're acting as if it's the duty of this community to make maps for the OLDC, and if it's somehow a shame if somebody doesn't make one. We're part of the community in our free time, and if nobody is willing or able to make a map in their free time, then that's just how it is. You can't expect anyone to do anything, and you shouldn't. I personally don't care much if there are any contest maps or a contest at all, I sure have enough other stuff to occupy me with.
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