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That wasn't terrible at all >_>
These are insanely awesome! I had no idea there was such a talented musician here on the mb...I heard your keyboard in the previous piece, but couldn't gauge your skill level for it based on that piece. How proficient are you at keyboard/piano? If you ever want to mess around or collab for fun, I would be more than willing to contribute a metal synth/classical piano part.
Thanks, man! I would just consider myself proficient in keys. I can get by, but guitar is more of my thing. I'd be down for a fun collab!

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I usually play jazz/classical, but am branching out to all sorts of music recently, here's a random classic/jazz fusion performance:

Jazz Etude - Pastoral
This is totally rad! Consider me subbed. ;)

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I'm also in a band, here in Japan, called Walker from IOWA (this was my bandmates' idea, not mine >_>). We're kinda jazzy and pop rock. Unfortunately, I can only show pictures at the moment. We're currently working on a I might be able to post something here in a few weeks.
That'd be cool. You should definitely post it if/when you can!
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