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I think that made something entirely clear. Congratulations to ZarroTsu, ZarroTsu, ZarroTsu and EternallyAries Red X.
Triple Great job to both. And the circuit division was the worst one - but some good designers didn't have the time to make a full map, so they didn't released it.
I'll still try the weirdest and most originals themes, but next time, I'll try to improve the gameplay. I hope.

By Metal Fighter
There is one thing you can fix though and that's those broken teleporters. Actually I would not recommend using teleporters in any future Race type level's you make.
EDIT: Well that is if you make any more race maps after this.
Well, if you're speaking about "making a working level", yes, I must avoid race.
It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try

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