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I don't get why this is rating so high.
Not really...
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Then you finally figure out that it's the wall behind the altar you go through, so you run through the exact same room, but with a ring suction gimmick. Okay, I can deal with that. Do it again, same room but with space countdown. Well, it's short and straightforward enough that I can deal again. Then you wind up in the same damn room with the same damn gimmick still going. This led me to believe that I was supposed to find another exit, because I was obviously looped to the same place I had been [...]
Yes, I agree that there are too much thoking rooms. And you're right about the two last, actually, the only differences are that there are no rings, and that the Satan symbol on the ground (the one which change of color at each room) has been replaced by the satanic goat.
I abused of thoking rooms to hope to get a balance between the hard first rooms, and the... easier last.
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Then finally a room with Brak Eggman, who doesn't belong in a non-SP map in the slightest. Guess what? Beat him, the map ends for everyone. Didn't really think this through...
No-no-no, I added an invisible platform on his head, so they can't beat him. And racing is faster than waiting for the flying missiles.
It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try
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