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I don't think you might like this if you grew to uh... like level 10 would already be painful. (200% jump, same for speed etc.)
I said "at one point or another", as in for example at level 5, not any levels above nor below that, so the max percentage is 110%, not 400000%. Speed, jump, etcetera doesn't have to go up by 10% at the same level.
Originally Posted by "Lat'" View Post
Now concerning screen-center text, I have to say that I totally agree with you since the console text is now overlapping the XP counter, and it's rather annoying. I'll check if I can do this, but this is not my main thing to do for the momment.
Actually, I was more thinking about that I play in 1366x768, with the small console text size option, which is not really all that noticable when playing.
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