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Originally Posted by MetalHead7 View Post
That last special stage is a bitch, though. Frickin' rings placed randomly everywhere in one of the sections. I feel like they ran out of ideas. I'll really have to go see if I can beat it for real, though.
It took me 3 tries to do the seventh special stage when I played the whole game without restarting for the final time (but in reality it out of everything it took me 26 3/4, the three quarters was because the game shut off just as I was about to complete the special stage).
Anyway back on topic...

Originally Posted by Ice
Why does that place exist? It doesn't feel integrated into the level, it feels like it was plopped down out of lack of other things to put there. When it comes to temples and stairs and stuff like that (stuff that suggest that someone or something lived here once upon a time), you have to add hints of it everywhere to make it feel like a part of your level, rather than just another obstacle. Also that texture you used for that part was really, really weird.
Maybe he could use textures on that ruins that suit the Green Flower-esque zone. I'm not sure which ones from srb2 would fit the temple but I'll go check...
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