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Played the level through again.

Is this your first level? If so, good job! The basics are all here and they're done well enough. Nothing is glitching out, and you've managed to insert a fair amount of custom content. That's more than I can say about my first level. About the level design... I'll get to that. It's always tough critiquing beginning level designers. More often than not, if you critique their levels objectively, then they've done a bad job and deserve a less-than-average score. But if you're overly generous handing out praise, then they probably won't try very hard to improve their mapping then next time around.

All that being said, let's look at the level design:

-Good amount of secrets. Nice to know you're thinking about exploration.
-Texturing is competently done. It's surely an improvement from the previous versions of the level.
-Nice amount of open space. It's a common trap to make your levels too cramped when you first start designing, and you've avoided doing that so far. Good job.

Er, I'll post the cons later. I didn't notice the time when I started writing this post D:
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