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Originally Posted by Eliwood View Post
I've beaten the game
There's a joke here, but I don't know if I can make it any funnier than it already is.

Originally Posted by TheMarshMan View Post
And it's not like the game is lacking content anyway. I have over 200 hours in it and still haven't reached endgame.
Holy shit. What version of Terraria do YOU have?

The game does not exceed an amount of content that would keep it from lacking. If it were an offline game standalone, then it would be fine. But as an online game, it really is inexcusable how limited the content is, regardless of your arguments. You're scoping this in such a way that you ignore all other players, and it really baffles me how people who think this way think.

The matter of the fact is that, when you've collected all the "best gear" in the game, it will look EXACTLY THE SAME as everyone else. This is a problem among many of Terraria's problems, and one that any sensible individual, or at least one that followed the game since before its release would notice. There was a point when the best armor was one of five choices, each one visually unique in its own right. The finalized game however bottlenecks this into one final set of armor, very sloppily broken up into class individuality by swapping out helmets.

This is bad game design for an online multiplayer game, because an inclination is to assure all players have their own unique experience and play choices that could stand out on its own as a viable option. As it is, every player looks nearly the same, even including vanity armor, and hell, even including character creation.

The fact of this matter also stems from a lot of the graphics in the game being downright ugly, especially when it comes to hairstyles. I've personally spent like 10 minutes in paint fixing these hairs (Image missing due to new computer, trust me on this), and I made them look far superior in every way from the default. 10 fucking minutes and I'm a better sprite artist than whatever schizophrenic chipmunk they hired.

So what we're left with is a majority of players with eyes having the same three or four hairstyles that don't look like shit, on very small and undetailed sprites. And to top this off, almost all of these players will have the same weapons on their hotbar: Excalabur, Gungir, Megashark, Crystal Storm, and Occasionally Dao of Pow.

Again, as a singleplayer experience I, and anyone who inclines to dislike Terraria, wouldn't have a problem. But multiplayer? You can have 255 players on a single server. I DARE you to come up with that many unique combinations of choices without duplication.

So you know what? I, and I'm sure many people, don't hate Terraria because it ended prematurely, or because Redigit is a dipshit. We hate Terraria because there are always people who defend it with absolutely no idea what the hell they're talking about.

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