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Well folks, the IWAD crusade has begun. The following was done today:

  • Thickened the thok barrier around the spikes, you shouldn't be able to spindash through it anymore.
  • Fixed a (rather ugly) broken sector.
  • Slightly changed the shape of the broken fountain at the level start, as you could run straight through its low walls. (Still not 100% fixed, needs work.)
  • Fixed the zoom tube near the emerald token from not always working on the first try. (Not 100% sure yet, need to test more)
  • Made the center pipe in DSZ3 slightly thicker as one could thok spin through it.
  • Fixed some cliffs in CEZ1 that were set as death pits.
  • Fixed some rings that had the wrong offset.
  • Fixed a button not going down all the way.
  • Fixed a set of three flags being in a stupid location.
  • Fixed a waving polyobject flag being rotated to the right upon one of the buttons being hit.
  • Fixed some rings not having their float flag checked.
Planning on doing more tomorrow, so keep the bug reports coming. [demoman]We'll glue SRB2's levels back together, in hell.[/demoman]
Or, alternatively from the comfort of our computer chairs, take your pick. Thank you for your cooperation.
Now that's a real game logo.

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