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Why?(Because OpenGL is not supported ktxhbye doesn't count)
It's not just because we don't support OpenGL. Isues with the OpenGL renderer itself are a different matter entirely.

It's because using the renderer at all can cause results that wouldn't normally occur if you were using software. For example, any EIPs reported from a sigsegv in OpenGL point to nonsense locations in the code, and we can't exactly diagnose a game crash when we don't have a lead. Now take that logic, and put it behind nearly every facet of SRB2 -- the netcode, the menu, the renderer, the gamelogic, et al -- and hopefully you'll start to understand why we don't accept those reports.

Now please, guys -- this topic is for REPORTS, not discussion. Save us some time going through this topic by only posting here if you're reporting an issue.

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