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Cyan Ryan

Finishing any level while on a wall with Knuckles will cause you to fall off said wall while in the climbing sprite. This can be observed easily in boss levels and THZ2.

"Blanks", or white silhouettes, are becoming a major problem in netgames. I had to kick 2 out of my server and saw a server with five of them. They can also be killed repeatedly for free points in Match/CTF.

Is there anything specific that you or anyone does that triggers this? Does it happen after someone leaves/kicked/cfailed? -Jazz

Climbing onto an angled wall as Knuckles and then moving onto one that's flat does odd things. See DSZ1.

To clarify, this is a different bug than you reported. The green wall you climbed on has the noclimb flag and you actually shouldn't be able to climb on it at all. I fixed the map itself, but the other part of this bug is an executable problem. -Jazz

Grav-flipped rings, when collected, don't respawn properly.

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