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Looks very promising! One thing I should say is that with the current version IIRC (I think it tells you I dont remember) is that it doesnt really tell you when an encounter is happening. I remember running around a stage and only realizing an encounter happened when I had to back-track or they caught up to me when I had to slow down. Other than that this is a fantastic character you made Colbalt.
Sorry, this is a late response. In the current public version, a siren alarm sound goes off to alert you when an encounter is happening, so you may want to turn up your volume so you can get that audio cue. This indicator will still be here in the new version, but the HUD will also tell you if an ambush is in progress and how many encounters have occurred since the level had loaded. (This will be useful for multiple reasons, which I won't go into just yet.)

I also updated the HUD in response to feedback. The new version keeps all of the relevant information, but is significantly more compact and less obstructing to the field of view. Take a look at what happens to the bottom HUD elements as Proto moves between different modes and powerups.


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