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Originally Posted by saturatedfat
Why not host it on a useless freeware site? Actually, if you are really lazy you download from my http server at

(Feel free to post it on the top of the page)
Also why are all 16:9 res brokens D:, and if I select like 1280x1024 half of my screen is cropped >.< To admins feel free to putting that link in the front of the page, save people some time instead of torrents.
Your my god =D
thank you for uploading it...i dont wanna install torrent...
good that you made alink...*waits for download and then xtreme play srb2 =D*

EDIT: damn...reading that the setup is broken...well.i try to install it and if it not works i insrtall torrent (and srb2 =D)
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