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Hey, the OLDC's back! yay

Single Player:
Neo Canyon > Gleaming Caverns > Mad Gadget > Eggslimer Battle > Fire Castle > Thawing Icecap

Generic Canyon > Match Meadow > Volcano Valley > Refrigerator > Angel Lava

Mine Maze > Final Destination > Mt. Revolvius

And now for some more detailed thoughts...

Mad Gadget Zone, by Simsmagic & Kyasarin

It's got some interesting gimmicks, but the rest of it's pretty average. Some gimmicks are rehashed from official maps (the THZ2-esque turret room, for example). Some of the other gimmicks here (the gravity changer) aren't really well-utilized. If you can flesh out the map a bit and make better use of the better gimmicks, you've got a nice map with lots of good gimmicks.

Eggslimer Battle Zone Act 7, by Boinciel & Prime 2.0

An Eggslimer boss with the most annoying map layout ever. Crumbling platforms and almost-useless tunnels = nope. Even the Eggslimer as it is here wasn't fun to fight at all.

Fire Castle Zone Act 2, by Professor Oak

The first thing you have to do to fix this map is to tone the number of enemies way down. The second thing to do is see if you can add some sense to this map. The first time I played this map I really didn't know where to go because some of the paths you have to take to finish the level are kinda hidden. The lava in the falling lava section should be slowed down quite a bit, and the jetty gunner spam room is rendered somewhat pointless by an armageddon shield.

Gleaming Caverns Zone, by 742mph

Hey, it's Radiant Caverns! Well, that with some really annoying platforming sections. All in all it feels really repetitive and a bit cheap thanks to the atrocious enemy placement. Top it off with some visual quirks and you have Radiant Caverns's long lost brother.

...At least it looks halfway decent.

Neo Canyon Zone Act 1, by Chrome

It's a shame that this is just a demo, because so much more could be done with this map. As it is, it's not bad and not confusing to navigate. Lots of different paths to explore in addition to some secrets makes this my pick to win the OLDC.

Thawing Icecap Zone, by Scooby Doo

Take everything I said about Fire Castle, magnify it by a ton, and you have this map. If they taught SRB2 mapping in schools, this very map would a good example if what not to do when making an SRB2 map.
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