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...And the reviews!

Single Player:

Viridity Woodland Act 1, by Metal Fighter - 6/10

Meh. Visuals were very nice but the gameplay was boring. The level itself is very bland and it is a bit short IMO.

Eggmansion Zone Act 2, by KO.T.E - OVER 9000!!!! 10/10

I so wanted to give this an Over 9000 rating, but I couldn't. This is the definition of a perfect map - the gimmicks were well executed, the visuals were epic, the music was good... The only thing that bothered me any at all about this map was the zombified Pinkie Pie you managed to shoehorn into this map.

Sapphire Coast Act 2, by Blade - 8/10

Typical Blade map in typical Blade fashion - awesome visuals, good music choice, plenty of unique enemies to go around... Awesome level overall! However, that part where the path ahead dead ends and the main path goes off to the left kinda stumped me for a bit.
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