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Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 2, by Blade - 9/10
This level contains all the things we've come to expect from Blade...nice path structure, plenty of secrets, unique enemies, and absolutely stunning visuals. I loved all the creative twists in this level, like the lighthouse. The only thing I can possibly complain about is one section near the beginning where the way forward leads to a dead end, and the real path branches off a ledge to the side; that was confusing. But I can absolutely forgive that in light of everything else this level has to offer. I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with next!

Eggmansion Zone, Act 2, by KO.T.E
- 10/10
Sorry, much as I loved your level, it's your brother's time to shine. This level is absolutely amazing. Great visuals and gimmicks, traps that surprise you without being cheap, and a very polished, professional atmosphere. There are only two possible faults I can find with it. First, you made a goof that, if not a "rookie" mistake, is certainly an intermediate-level one: making sure the paths are equally balanced for each character. The spike crushers are very, very hard to get past as Knuckles. Second, I found a trail of rings on one staircase that don't float. But the rest of the stage is so epic that I'm still prepared to award it full points. I don't do this too commonly, so be proud. You earned it.


Pacman Zone Zone, by EternallyAries Red X - 1/10
You must have been doped up on power pellets while designing this one. This might be a rush job and a straight port, but neither of those let you off the hook for bad design. Even a rush job should be well-constructed...KO.T.E released two rush jobs in this contest alone, and both of them are decent. And, as the SRB2 Wiki makes very clear, when it comes to direct ports from other games, the first thing you should do is make absolutely sure that it translates cleanly into SRB2. Pacman does not. The level cannot possibly function well if you don't have an overhead view. This level came out as nothing more than a symmetrical labyrinth of straight tunnels with no discernible landmarks.

Even leaving all of that aside, you made some truly atrocious design choices. At this point, it should be very clear to all level designers that Random Monitors should never be used except in Circuit (which means they no longer have any business appearing in the OLDC). To make matters worse, every single weapon panel has two corresponding weapon pickups right next to it. Why the hell would you do that? Weapon pickups should typically be far away from the panel, so that people don't get overloaded with ammo. And what was with all the scatter rings? Scatter is a very powerful weapon on this map, and it should be hard to find. You put it everywhere. And nice job with the level header too--"Pacman Zone Zone"? I think you need to check out Level Design 101 on the wiki.

Oiler Outpost Zone, by Katmint - 3/10
The name is pretty cool, but the level failed to live up to my associated expectations. It's just a bland, nonsensical mesh of ERZ and ACZ, with a few uninteresting oil spills used for inconsistent purposes. And dear lord, why did you repeat that one ERZ texture over and over and over again? It's meant to be used for small steps or grooves along the floor and ceiling; it's certainly not supposed to be plastered on every wall.

Generic Field Zone, by csmgiw
- 5/10
Well, it's ugly as sin...but the layout isn't terrible. It's nice and open, which encourages lots of conflict, and there are plenty of rings to support really big netgames. All in all, a very average piece of work.

Techno Rush Zone, by KO.T.E
- 6/10
This, kiddies, is how to do a proper rush job. Bland visuals are okay, but even a rush job shouldn't compromise on competent layout. This level certainly didn't. As I've made clear in previous reviews, I don't at all care for square structure when we're dealing with grass and rocks, and in my own personal level design I can drag things around to randomize the angles in a couple minutes, so it should have been possible to fix that even in a rush job. But this is just my personal opinion, and in any case it doesn't really change how well the level plays. All in all, this is a solid piece of work.


Jungle Ruins Zone, by Kuba11 - 7/10
Like the typical Kuba11 creation, it's chock-full of sector detail, and in this case it's done tastefully. My only real complaint is that if the flag carrier fails to make that jump into the base, it's really annoying to scramble around for the nearest spring that takes you back up.

Rush Flower CTF, by Spherallic & KO.T.E - 7/10
Another solid rush map. But I must say that the bases are a little hard to find.
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