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Well, here I go.

Map: Viridity Woodland Zone, Act 1
Author: Metal Fighter
Score: 5/10
Comment: This felt like a fairly decent level, but it felt short in my opinion.

Map: Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 2
Author: Blade
Score: 8/10
Comment: Well what do you know... a Blade map, and those usually come out good. I liked the custom badniks here and there, but you might want to make the Buzz Bombers a bit less annoying especially when you're trying to bounce on the mushrooms.

Speaking of which... the mushrooms are buggy as for no reason, sometimes you stop bouncing on them, which happens near the tips of them.
Map: Eggmansion Zone, Act 2
Author: KO.T.E
Score: 10/10
Comment: Now here's a map that pretty much nailed it, although the music is slightly quiet and such, which isn't that much of a big deal to me, really there are some parts that I enjoyed here and there.

Before I get to that... can I ask why there's a checkpoint about 5 seconds into the level at the start? Now with that out of the way...

The mirror gimmick could of been used more but if there's one thing that I have to say... that this map did actually scare me at one point only because I wasn't expecting it to happen. There's also that one place, which... is the white room? It goes dark as you get far through the room and I didn't want to find out what happens there because after all... "I see you..." just before you enter it.

When I went to the room which I think is behind the bookshelf, I didn't want to take the stairs that go into the basement at first, but it had to be done, so... yea.

Zombie Pie... as if the insane part of her wasn't enough. "I see you..." then about 10 seconds later... well, you'll see... and no, this isn't the reason I am giving it a 10, it was going to be a 9 but because I enjoyed this level and replayed it just to see what else it holds, I bumped it up to a 10.

Single-Player was good this time, I might do multiplayer, but with my parents torrneting... yea, lag.
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