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Contest already? That was quick. Does not seem like many entries this time. Hopefully there is a better turnout next time.

Single Player

Viridity Woodland Zone Act 1 by Metal Fighter N/A

It is not a bad level, but there is too much flat areas throughout the level. Cutting down the long, flat hallways that are in some areas could help, or even changing them a bit into something a bit more than what they are now could help as well. The huge open areas could use some work. Try to add different things, possibly different paths and even a bit more scenery. Overall it is a solid level, but it need some more work.

Oops... Still consider the critique for next time nevertheless.

Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 2 by Blade 9/10

There not really much else to say except this is very well built. I really like how there are more areas that take place inside caves more than the first act, it looks really nice. I replayed the 1st act of Sapphire Coast and noticed how much of an improvement this was from it and it was definitely a good improvement. The placement of all of the shields and 1-ups were actually pretty creative, it was surprising to see some areas that were possible to reach. The custom badniks still add to the level a great deal.

The mushrooms, however could use some work. It became annoying when you keep on bouncing off the sides of the mushrooms. Even though the level was an improvement from the previous act it felt like it could have had a bit more areas to further itself even more from Sapphire Coast Act 1, I remember the first act had breakable walls and they seem like they would fit well in this act since it dealt more with being in cave areas than the previous act.

Eggmansion Zone, Act 2 by KO.T.E 7/10

The atmosphere and aesthetics in this level are absolutely impressive. You really got the spooky, supernatural theme down in this level, but the gameplay is felt like more could have been done with it.

The invisible floors and platforms, the fake walls, and mirrored rooms or objects were creative. The Sandopolis ghost were a nice touch, I really like how they reappear as well since that added to the feel of the level. There were areas that they were annoying, one of the most notable examples was the room you had swing on the CEZ chain.

I really did enjoy this level, but it felt like a bit more could have been done in certain parts. Some ideas like that one button that makes the invisible platform appear in the top path in the beginning of the level could have been expanded upon to make a real interesting section of its own. The secret boss would of been okay if it was not for the Rebound Rings, they take away from the fight. A grenade type projectile or an original projectile would have fit better.

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