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I've had a chance to play through this again, explore and look for secrets and play through the rest of the paths I missed on my first playthrough. So here are some more detailed thoughts on the level pack.

Solstice Pass

I’m just going to start by jumping right into the Egg Hopper, first of all I do quite like this boss. The initial first hit the player takes as the player learns how the boss works is inevitable which is a shame. But after that, I actually like how simple this boss is. It’s short but it forces you to pay attention the entire time to avoid taking damage and it’s simple enough to warrant being the boss of the first zone.

However there are some problems with the collision detection. I’m not sure whether this is because I might have been jumping through the wrong parts of the sprite, or whether the Egg Hopper is juts invincible during certain frames, but I passed through the boss several times when it is standing on the ground. It’s not game breaking, but it was an annoying bug.

Stronghold Forest

Starting off as a normal forest zone and transitioning to a fire level near the end of act 1 was great, especially how that was handled. Even though it is basically the same sequence I’ve seen countless times when playing Sonic 3, it was really impressive to see you pull it off in SRB2.

With regards to the Fire Breath boss coming immediately afterwards, I really enjoyed how the bombs forced me on the move at all times while making me watch my step to avoid running into the fire. But I would have appreciated some warning before the boss used its flamethrower attack at close range, this doesn’t need to be much just something small like a fraction of a second delay with a charging noise or a puff of smoke before the flame thrower activates.

The new Stronghold Forest 3 was pretty good as well, definitely an improvement on the old Stronghold Forest 2.

This room can’t be completed as Sonic because of the blue spring

The oil in Stronghold Forest 2 bugs me, because it is often used in such large amounts it looks much deeper than it actually is. I was surprised I slipped on it rather than sinking in the first time I touched it. It also feels like a missed opportunity that you didn’t use it as a burning hazard in this level. Oil is very flammable after all~

Oh, I loved your choice of music in act 3 as well, Jamestown has great music. I also noticed that Jamestown is missing in the credits sequence. Might be an idea to fix that at some point in future.

Eggmansion Zone

The new ghost behaviour is nice, swooping rather than making a direct beeline for the player makes them much easier to manage. It’s also nice to see that they are not spammed as much in act 2 which makes the level far less frustrating as far as enemy placement goes.

The new dark rooms in act 2 were mostly okay, because it was still possible to make out the silhouettes of the platforms the player needs to jump on. But the dark room leading the kitchen was more of a nuiscance than anything else, trying to find the secret exit to move on in extreme darkness with 3-4 ghosts harassing me at any given time was tedious and frustrating for me.

Also there was this HoM in the final section of act 2.

Chemical Facility

This zone is mostly unchanged as far as I can tell other than a few small changes here and there, so there’s not much for me to say that I haven’t already covered in the OLDC. Good thing I already enjoy this level then~ although I do still think the timed door room in the second half of act 2 is a bit too difficult. Bearing in mind that I’m okay with the rest of the level being quite hard.
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