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Single Player division
Flicker Lights > Eggmanway7 > Ghost Battle > Emerald Flower > Mother Lode Canyon

Spoiler: reviews
Flicker Lights Zone by Kevin
Okay, let's be honest here. Out of all the maps in this contest, this is the one that I've felt has some replay value. Playing this in OpenGL just feels like an annoyingly dark level with occasional lighting, but in Software the darkness becomes a rather unique gimmick. The evil eyes were a nice addition to the level, too. The only issues I have is that the laser beams were cramped into one spot then never used again and the left path was more difficult than the right. Other than that, this was fun to play.

Ghost Battle by chi.miru
Well, why did this fall to second place? Because it's easy (thok for a bit, wait to get sucked in, avoid obstacles, thok a little more, then get out) and repetitive (repeat the previous scenario about 2 or 3 times). But there's no way in hell that I'm going to make something this advanced or creative, so kudos to that. Also, what's with all the extra stuff below the battle arena?

EGGMANWAY7: Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO by Zipper and toaster
I know, I know, it's intentionally bad, and I love that. In fact, I loved every single bit of this map. There just wasn't enough.

Emerald Flower by glaber
Is rating this higher a new meme? I don't see how this map was better than the others. Again, it's just a bigger and uglier GFZ2 which happens to have some unlockables, of which I didn't bother to get because the map is enormous.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone by Chaobrother
This map got submitted for the sake of having entries in the contest. Mostly everything is above a death pit (why??), the enemies don't match the theme of the level and it's visually empty overall. Thankfully, this is unfinished, and thus there is room for improvement, but the level as it is right now is just bad.

Match division
Archive Stronghold > Rocky Field > Seabound Ruin > Grift Relic

Spoiler: reviews
Archive Stronghold Zone by Spherallic
Can't hit the enemy, getting distracted by the scenery. 0/10.
Seriously though, this map is so beautiful my computer can't even handle it. Or at least it tries to, but it lags while doing so.

Rocky Field Zone by *icefox*avp*
I liked the mix of gray, green and blue here but it's a bit cramped, and thanks to that I find myself getting stuck in corners a lot. There's also a bunch of rings here, but not as much compared to the atrocity that is Grift Relic.

Seabound Ruin Zone by Knux576
ThatAwesomeGuy173 fell down a bottomless pit.

Grift Relic Zone by Brawl
It's ugly. Really ugly. First of all, the map's way too tall, there's too many rings, the pool's extremely deep, weapon pickup placement is poor and most of the time the pipes don't even work! There's also a really long hallway which just begs for anyone in there to get railed (if you can get the rails, that is). The inclusion of Thwomps and pipes outside of Mario levels is ridiculous. I did like the shadows the blocks in the middle casted, though.
The only reason I've rated Seabound Ruin higher than this was because that map looked pretty.
Originally Posted by GuyWithThePie
Does anybody ever actually play on these servers? No matter what day of the week, no matter what time of day, they're always completely empty. Can't help but feel sorry for whoever's paying for these to be online 24/7.

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