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No prob! I never actually played Demo 4 believe it or not, but I've seen some videos, and this looks very similar. I think I'm gonna download the original Demo 4 to see how much this lives up to it. Also, I heard you were gonna port all the TFG SRB2 levels. The past also tried doing that, but had no slopes, and were missing a lot of levels! Overall, I'm looking forward to the future of this project! I'd just love to use Xmas sonic in the current levels, and break the space sonic continuem.
Heh, yeah. So far THZ is completely done, the second acts of GFZ and DSZ are barely playable but first and third acts of both zones are done and the last 2 acts of the TGF experience are also complete, so we have somewhat a bit of progress, but I wouldn't look forward to it being done this year. I've been and I will be busy until december because high school and some things in the demo campaign will be fixed as the next days and weeks go on. However, this wad will be finished, as I plan to start releasing my own maps after big update 5. But this year, I'm concentrating on this.
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