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about the detons, they worked basicly the same way back then as they do today. they chase the player and explode upon contact with anything. but every time I compained about them it was because of how you used them. you gave the player no warning they were there and they were basically ambush traps.

DSZ Spikes: they don't fit with the way you used them.

Sky slime: I think you can fix that by just making a thok barrier. I suggest you take a look at how I fixed it in SRB2 the Past

Go where I can see: I tried using invisible walls (with fence) in one of my own stages before, the reception to that was poor. Players don't like being blocked from taking a path that looks like they can clearly get to, plus it's bad level design

Unstable floors of Rocky Mountain: you may have intended them to be an improvement, but it actually didn't improve things as the crumbling floor was along the only path to the exit.

Dark City's Volcano portal: the hole is still in the sky, it makes no sense.

Dark City's Gravity problem: Even low Gravity wouldn't make sense for this stage. it's not in space and there's noting that can be seen as being an anti-gravity generator.

Dark City's missing window to the outside: I can give you coordinates. the area is located in the area of X128 Y-1664. What you have is an open thok barrier, what you need to do to get the sky to show is to lower the celing all the way down to the floor.

Dark City 3's Gravity problem: There is nothing in this map indicating that gravity should be heavier. in actuality, Nothing in Sonic OVA (the inspiration for Dark City) would indicate that there is anything there manipulating gravity there.

Robotnirock's Crulity: let's start off with what was the crusher room. the platforms sink before you even land on them. Then you have it so that the Eggheads can't even be hit, but then they can hit you, and then there was that Deton hiding behind the door

Castle Eggman's Missing Wood beams and Torch holders: the missing FOF's are actually suppose to be in the first room of CEZ2.
Detons: they'll be brought back to their old versions and their locations will be fixed to either fit the old ones or just not be annoying, no further need to discuss that.
DSZ Spikes: well then, they'll be placed in fewer quantities more separated from each other, is that ok?
Sky slime: A thok barrier is in the map. It may be done in a way that doesn't fit the level, and if that's the case, will be fixed.
Invisible walls: Well then, if they don't like it, it will be removed.
Crumbling platforms: Yes, I know that. Its supposed to give an impression that the place its not very stable.
Volcano hole: Yes, that's because Dark City is underground. Maybe the sky is South Island's sky and its not a fake sky set up by eggman to make the city more real. In that case, apologies.
Missing glass texture: I really missed that?! Okay, will be fixed in 4.2.
Dark City Act 3: Well, I thought it would be a nice gimmick, but it doesn't fit, so everything related to gravity will be removed.
-I used that to add up to the challenge, if its too much or its just not ok will be fixed.
-You couldn't kill Eggheads before, you can't kill eggheads now. Though, the way I used snailers and invisible walls to deal with the nonexistant custom enemy problem was poor at best, and they will be a custom enemy after.
-I hate the deton placement as much as you.
CEZ FOF: Well, I formally apologize for making that mistake.

Again, almost everything you said will be fixed. Thing placement, RMZ grass corners, brightness and more things regarding map design will be fixed in 4.2. Everything else will be fixed in either hypothetical 4.3. I can only but thank you for the criticism, really helps me for my first wad.
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