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Despite the fact that gen. 5 was my least favourite generation in terms of game design and overall character design it still had a good share of well designed and good Pokémon. Even so much that my favourite Pokémon is from Pokémon Black and White:

But I also like Riolu and Shinx (heavily influenced from PMD Sky), as well as 3rd gen Pokémon such as Latias, Latios and Jirachi. As you may have noticed: I really like cute looking Pokémon but also more "badass" Pokémon such as Zekrom and Reshiram, or Darkrai and Cresselia. There are just too many Pokémon I like so I cannot really order them down in a list but Victini just has a special place in my heart, even so much that I've got an talking plushie of it from japan on my 18th birthday.

I cannot rate gen. 6 and 7 Pokémon because I haven't played the games yet because I don't own a 3DS system (and probably not going to own one in the near future).


I found a picture of a Latias and Latios cake, made for my 12th Birthday in 2010:

Funfact: This picture was shot with my Sony Ericsson W995. Latios should be blue but due to the yellow-ish color of the creme it got mixed to a shiny Latios green tone.
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