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Default Suppose I should put my review, eh?

After a time of compiling my own thoughts, I figured it was my time to type up a review.
Thankfully, I'll put anything 'spoilery' in spoiler tags, such as any secrets. Though I only mean in regards to this specific map. Not Forces. Apologies!

Level Design
I love it, it's really fitting to the whole 'empty nothingness' that Null Space should be, which lets it really help sink in that feeling of lonelyness, though it also encourages playing with at least one friend as Tails to help with jumps you are unsure about, thus mimicking the Sonic+Avatar stages.

However, I feel some jumps are a bit too tight and/or difficult, thus resulting in a LOT of moments where you JUST miss it, accompanied by the fact you sometimes need to build up the EXACT speed to land on the next platform while not skidding off into a pit. This is especially prevelant at the start of the level, which should be used to get players used to what they are getting into and ramping the difficulty as they go, in my honest opinion.

The spikes, for the most part, are placed decently enough. However there are many that are right next to your only available path to jump, which can lead to an unfair situation where you make it, but JUST skim the edge of a spike hitbox and cause yourself to fall off.

I'd rate this to be, on difficulty scale, 4/5. VERY difficult, but not impossible at all. However, this is sometimes due to what is stated above causing minor and/or major annoyance. If it were not here, I would give it a 3/5 in terms of difficulty.

Details and Speed
You CAN try to go really fast in this level, but you are more likely to fall to your death. So I say this level is 'average' speed.

Details, however, this stage excels at. I already gave my thoughts above, so you know what I think of the 'look'. But TL:DR, spooky level.

Overall rating
I give this level a "Check it out" rating. It's worth a look, and is definately a nice experience should you find yourself enjoying it.

Difficult, spooky level with a few annoyances here and there, worth at least a short look.

The secret at the ending made me so giddy, as someone who played Forces myself. So props to you! I, personally, just wish that was the actual 'end' to the stage instead of it being a secret.
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