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And I really don't think it's that unreasonable to complain about it. It is the worst contest we've had since the OLDC became well-established. Partly what we are complaining about is the turnout itself...the very fact that too few people took initiative to make contest maps.
But you didn't make a map either!

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If we see a shitty movie the viewers aren't expected to produce something better.
This is however, not the case. A more logical analogy would be a group of friends agreeing on making a bunch of movies and then revealing them to eachother at the same time, and decide upon which is the best. Except the date comes and there's only about 3 guys who actually made movies, with a good 10 or so emptyhanded people feeling "dissappointed" at how low the turnout was. "How come you guys didn't make more movies?"
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