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Nice, how did you find the 2K3 Maps ?. ^_^
Anyways here's A Few (EDIT : Lot of) notes after testing the maps :
[EDIT 30/12/2015] :
  • Special stages don't show time left
  • If somebody loses his rings while playing special stages, there's possibility to not be able to beat em because Rings don't respawn in Multiplayer, this may prevent others from Winning .
  • Some Middle textures are moving wierdly in The first SRB2 TGF Level .
  • The guy near Toad in MAP01 can be pushed .
  • GFZ Hub map doesn't seem to work fine, if you jump over the 3D Floor above the level change sign, it'll change the level .
  • Instead of separating each level's HUB, Put them all in MAP01 and create teleports .
  • The bosses in the Museum map are noisy in an annoying way (especially 2.0s Final boss , Ugh), Just create new and silent Bosses that share the same sprites .
  • The thing from THZ2 that throws lazer on you (Which i don't know what is it called) does an annoying sound too .
  • All the players will view the Concept art texts if someone triggers them, Make them log texts instead .
  • ICZ1 From SonicDoom as a Match level ? that's surprising, Would be better if you make it a Singleplayer/Coop Map instead .
  • Some objects in ICZ1 Just don't seem to work, <!> Error .
  • ICZ1 is just no way near playable, you might get stuck because some areas aren't accessible, and You can't even get back to some others if You're playing as Sonic .
  • Try to reduce the amount of the fake slopes in SRB2TGF Maps, just use Normal (bigger) stairs instead .
  • There's a sky under the table in Dual Fortress Zone (CTF MAP22) .
  • Players spawn In-air in 2.0.7 Nimbus Ruins Zone (CTF MAP85) .
  • Some of Match maps aren't available to select for Tag,Hide and Seek, and Team Match .
  • Christmas Match map has no Background Music .
  • Some beta maps don't have MIDIs (Not set in their MAINCFG either), like beta GFZ,THZ ... etc .
  • MAPX4 (Egg Base Zone) isn't Multiplayer friendly, the crushers don't lower again when they raise which may cause death for Players at start (Even when they respawn again) .
Everything above is basically just the things that made the Level Packs annoying, they're still playable (Except ICZ1 of course) .

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