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I'll be honest, I haven't considered an Overhaul to the main hub mainly because I haven't gotten any feedback on it in the past 3 years since it was added. This is actually the first time I'm getting any real feedback on it.

that's not to say the Mesuem won't get Overhauled or Replaced, it will. It will take time though as I'll need to plan it out, think what's going to be kept, what's going to be removed along side the noisy bosses.

Maybe actually turn the badnik holding pens into a Zoo or something.

also in regards to the TGF stages, I could complete them now, but I'm thinking people would prefer 2.2's slopes over more of my pseudo slopes. Also if there's a way to get around needing poly Objects in Green Flower TGF, I'm open to suggestions.
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
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