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Aw crap, that's probably a bug... thanks for finding it. It's like a catch22.. can't test those URLs until the game is out. :P
Ew, that stinks, and no problem! Also, I keep expecting GFZ music to start playing during the Swamp Tour. Also - How Do I Jump Achievement - YES.

I have a few small suggestions that I think would be easy to implement. I know the game was just released, so maybe you guys are already planning some of these:
- On your score card during the Grand Tour, I think it would be nice if shots over par are colored differently (perhaps shots under par as well).
- Have to reach a certain score in the first Grand Tour course to unlock the second. This adds a lot of replay incentive.
- Display your current course record on the course select screen in the Grand Tour.
- Perhaps make hole in one shots feel more rewarding? Despite the fact that there's the hole in one animation, it doesn't feel like I get enough of a reward for an HOI. This might be harder to implement, but perhaps a little cube bag of cubes pops out of the hole when you get an HOI, with a random bonus amount of cubes. Or even better, an instant lottery/slot machine type bonus that happens on spot with a chance to win little items. For example, some of the items from the shop, but only 1x-2x of them. A rare chance to get suits or more valuable items from this would be neat as well. As long as there is some kind of bigger reward or incentive.

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Posting this IRC log...
Special Thanks: Kepa iceta, Matt Walsh

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