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Posting this IRC log...
[15:10] <@Inuyasha> so um
[15:10] <@Inuyasha> can someone that owns RPP check to see if I'm credited anywhere
[15:16] <@Inuyasha> MI: I'd like for you to take a close look at 0:20 in the release trailer
[15:17] <@Inuyasha> And then I'd like for you to look at this which you ought to remember
[15:17] <@Inuyasha> It's not just "similar", it is literally ripped right from XMOD
[15:17] <@Inuyasha> (compare the height of the pillars and position of obstacles in the level layout)
[15:19] <@Inuyasha> And thus I question A> what else of mine is used in the game and B> if I'm credited anywhere
[15:19] <@Inuyasha> if B, then I don't really care too much
[15:19] <@Inuyasha> but if not ... :\
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