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Originally Posted by TailsFan99 View Post
I like how you changed the level complete screen. How did you do that?
Before the exit counter variable goes to zero, call the new level complete screen code, which forces the counter to freeze.

PHP Code:
if player.exiting == 10
intermission true

if intermission == true
player.exiting = $1    // this is decremented every frame. increment it to "freeze" it.
Originally Posted by Bryce Hego View Post
It's the super sonic challenge without super sonic. Nice, i really like it

My complaints: Energy meter shows up in nights stages, Ring boxes should give you 10 rings worth of energy
Thanks. The NiGHTS bug has been fixed and... I thought giving +10 energy for every ring box would be cheating (as the player's start energy is 50). Maybe 1/4 of the max energy?
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