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I know this is gonna sound a lot like Al-Qaeda offering op their opinions on George W. Bush policy decisions, but I think that combining colour-coded emblems with symbolism/iconography is incredibly confusing. Heck, the entire system appears to be overcooked. Is there in-game documentation that outlines every permutation of emblem, without becoming a massive wall of text? Why are there two emblems with the same icon, but different colours? Is that even significant? Why do you need 8 different colours for emblems? All I keep on asking is "Why?" and "What?".

Tear it all out while you still can, guys. The system I'm looking at now is incredibly unapproachable as an end-user. It's not too late to use simplistic global achievements for skill-based objectives. Assign them all some kind of per-unit worth in-game and use the total amount acquired for discerning what unlockables you should have access to. Easy to understand, easy to implement, easy to display to the user. Voila.
If I recall correctly, I think the first 4 or 5 emblems for the normal stages are just ones that can be found by any character. The last couple are ones that you earn (like score, rings, and time). As far as the emblem with the same symbol, but different color one goes, it seems like that one is for nights special stages (if that is true, I hope you can access them through time attack mode). If the first 5 mean the same thing, but are different locations, why not just have the same symbol but different colors?
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