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0.3b is ready.

  • Spam prevention! Variables related to it are under util_spam_*. Check help for more information. This includes a 60-second silence to line spam and repetitive message prevention. The host is an exception.
  • macrolist command. - Lists the currently available chat macros. Speaking of macros.
  • There are new macros. $roll will produce a number from 1-100, $coin will flip a coin, $lives will print out your lives count. Oh, and there's also colors too now using /c[letter]. Check the macro list for them.
  • util_vote_specvote will allow you to control whether spectators can vote or not. It will also stop them from calling a vote. Admins may call a vote anytime, however.

  • Warning messages when a command is executed before the Utility-based player variables are ready.
  • Voting correctly checks if there are no players eligible to vote.
  • Dediname properly displays in the help menu.
  • The $time macro properly displays the time now.
  • A few fixes for Terminal admins not able to do things, including the ability to call a vote.
  • A few other minor errors.
  • A few help texts and unnecessary command additions.

  • Silences can now be given a reason. Check the top post for syntax.
  • Vote permission variables were moved to util_votecmd_* to make them no longer obfuscated from the other vote parameters, which are now under util_vote_*.
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