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Originally Posted by SA2BMad View Post
I have a BIG problem. I just took a screenshot and then the game started crashing when the supervirus appeared. I even removed the screenshots (Yes, I did two screenshots.) from the SRB2JTE folder, but it still crashed. Can you at least tell me what is causing this so I can try and fix it?
The only conclusion I can come up with is that you're not playing SRB2JTE in OpenGL. It crashes for me in Software if I have the Supervirus, too.

-OpenGL Howto Thingy- (May be different for Vista or 7! ^^)

1. Create a shortcut to SRB2JTE. Anywhere.
2. Right click it and select Properties
3. On target, after the quotation marks, add -opengl (So this would happen: ""C:\-Where it is goes here-\srb2JTE.exe" -opengl") (Dosen't have to be C:\, btw.)

You could also use SRB2NET Launcher and set the alternate exe to "SRB2JTE" and tick the "Open GL" box, but whatever floats your boat.
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