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I'm gonna be a hundred percent honest here, this had the same effect on me as Sonic Mania's encore had: it just left me like "meh".

My main problem with this is that this entire thing consists in very subtle random changes that make the original map harder to navigate through by forcing you into other existing paths, rather than forcing you to explore anything new. My reaction to most of the changes were. "Oh, this path is unconveniently blocked, I have to take the way around." rather than "Oh, that's a new path that leads somewhere!".

I feel like most of the changes take away from the original level, with the few exceptions (eg: ERZ2) only leading to bonuses and being very easily missable, instead of adding to it or changing it in a meaningful way.

The colormaps are sometimes nice, sometimes horribly suited to the level. Can you even make out the goop from the walls???? but overall feel more like a band-aid to have it look different enough (very much like Mania, though unlike Mania there are no harder special stages to look forward to, also let's be real, GFZ at sunset was the worst decision you could make originality-wise :P)
Though honestly I'd advise going for palette swaps so that openGL doesn't instantly become horrible to look at.

Overall, I don't dislike it, it just left me totally indifferent for the most part, and I'd really love to see this with more clever level design changes that go beyond blocking paths and shortcuts just for the sake of it. But I know how motivation goes so I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to do such big changes to every map of the game.
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