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Default Rockets not working:

This most likely may be a problem with combining it with other mods, however I am not exactly sure if that is the case because after I had removed any other mods I had used with this one: (boss mayhem, etc, enemy object characters) Tails Guy had an error which made the rockets have no effect whatsoever.

To explain what happened, I would load up tails guy's wad and multiple other wads, and it would cause the custom button that is used to shoot rockets to either shoot nothing, or sonic's base game sprite flying forward, which then disappears after hitting a wall. I also took off the other wads after, however this mod would still experience the same error with something relating to (doom file missing) or (rocket something missing).

Everything else works pretty great, but tails guy's jump height stops the entire game from being playable without the rocket working at all, as some heights are just too high for tails guy.

I really liked how this character worked besides the small error though, and it makes me kind of want a doomguy wad for this game, and I still tend to use this character. I really like it despite this problem!

Edit 10/4/2018:
Tried this mod out with the other mods again, turns out it only has a problem rarely when its not the first mod to be inserted, and the rocket feature works pretty nicely! Though to warn other players, it makes getting to higher heights or getting across long jumping gaps in the normal or any sort of custom game much harder, and makes you risk losing lives.

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