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Depends on what level of trust you mean exactly. There's talking casually to people on the internet, there's talking honestly about personal things, and even meeting up with such people in real life. Also depends on which people you mean by the "community", but at this point I'm being pedantic.

Really, I would just say it's probably mostly the same as getting to trust anyone in real life. Say, learn these people exist one day, go over and say hi, talk to them (or at least just listen to what they're talking about to each other, if there's more than one), take your time to learn how the people work and eventually (maybe after months or years) you get used to them enough to reasonably trust them, if there are no problems along the way. If they've done genuinely nice things for you then likely they would deserve more trust etc.

But then of course watch how they treat other people, if not yourself. Particularly watch those people that are just generally awful except maybe to you and a few others. Just because they don't treat you like rubbish right now, doesn't mean they won't in the future.

Otherwise, I would just say use "common sense" if you can.

(I could probably go on a bit more, but for some reason I'm up at 7am yikes; maybe another time)
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