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In case anyone thought I missed Blaze's previous post(Or that I was dead), I did acknowledge it via PM. And it was quite an entertaining run! But the reason I'm posting now is because I've finally got around to updating this unwieldy cluster of levels.
  • A few of the longer levels have had some of their "teeth" removed. Many of the nastier/obnoxious hazards that were present before should now be much less do or die (Forgotten Grove Zone 1 in particular)
  • Maps have been optimized somewhat and have fewer sectors and more streamlined paths. Although I can't promise a huge increase for everyone; if you're still playing on a potato you won't notice much of a difference in FPS. Arctic Ravine 2 is still the hugest level there ever was. Sorry.
  • Clusters of air bubbles have been added in new aquatic labyrinth 1 have been added to make them easier to see and get to.
  • The alternate boss in old aquatic labyrinth 3 should now properly give you a choice in the next level to choose.
  • The old music for twilight pass 1 is back as the default.
  • the ??? level difficulty has been adjusted somewhat.
  • Some unrelated graffiti nonsense in BCZ1 ;)
  • Some other stuff I forgot to mention.
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