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Fun fact: The chuckles boss fight in hidden Palace originally used the oh no clip as a part of the original in Flip goop station. I automatically decided to remove the clip because well, besides not being a memelord myself, the clip would feel very distracting for the boss fight because people would just "oh no" with knuckles.

It's really distracting when a meme, no matter how public and well known it is gets in the way of the creation itself. Sometimes some of that effort needs to show its true majesty so it isn't just for people to laugh at.

You'll never see someone look at the Megaman boss fight and not think of either Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch, or "Super fighting robot". But you won't see it in the actual boss fight because the character isn't meant to meme. Would you take a boss that spouts "Sans undertale" constantly through the fight seriously? Probably not the first time, but it will eventually get tired and annoying because you've already laughed at it and repeated playthroughs will be less enjoyable.

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