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I'm having some strange trouble in the secret final boss. Around mid-3rd phase, I am suddenly taken to the continue screen. I had not run out of health, or lives. Upon continuing, I am suddenly taken to the title screen around mid-1st phase. The only theory I can come up with is AI Tails standing still and getting himself killed may have an effect, but even after grinding 20 lives, the same thing happens at the same point. I don't have anyone at the moment who can control him and try dodging. But the health meter and lives counter remains unchanged no matter what happens to him, and no matter how many lives I have, I am taken to the continue screen at the same point in the fight. Is this a glitch? What is going on?

EDIT: Just found out progress is kept even on new saves. Started another file with Sonic solo, and managed to finish the boss without any problems. So Tails really was holding me back, but in a strange glitchy way. Again, my health didn't visibly go down when he got hot, and I was sent to continue after like 3 Tails deaths when I had 20 lives. It was a weird situation.

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