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Default Where I've been the past 6 months and the future of this WAD.

Woah. Its really been 6 months, huh? I guess I need at least a textual update on this thing. But if you need a TL;DR that badly: School. Laziness. Sorry. I'll be back on this soon.

If you guys want to know the full story: Lets just say one of the reasons I did this with Lobco was to not dissapoint him, be productive and finish this project, unlike many other proyects in my life. But look where we are now! (I also did it with him because he's a great guy and he helped me out a lot when I was on vacation, don't get the wrong idea.) I've also had school the past 6 months and the next 3 too because south hemisphere is desynched with the north 6 months, so I had summer when I did this whole thing. Last year of high-school got tougher than I expected, and it was either I finish this thing in time, or I finish school in time. Now that things are relaxing, I think I can slowly come back to this.
I'm sorry, honestly. I know little to no one still cares about this, but I do. I did this because I wanted to be connected with old SRB2, I actually enjoyed the mythical history and evolution of this game, and I felt like I needed to provide a way to enjoy, with modern software and easy access the old classic Demo 2 single player campaign that was supposed to release in 2001 before STJr found out all they could do with the game. So I did this, as a tribute.
Now, I cannot assure if I'll come back to the single player campaign. Even though custom enemies need to be made, and I need to make this super duper a-ok, I don't know if I still have the emotional motivation to continue with the single player campaign. SRB2 TGF Remade though, will *probably* get finished, and while I don't like setting deadlines (We all know what happened 6 months ago related to that!), I do feel like that's another game that needs to be homaged and converted to Modern SRB2 the way the Demo 2 campaign was. Yes, FOF Slopes will be a thing. Yes, it will take time, 2D levels means LOTS OF FOFs (GHZ2 knows that very well.) and Yes, it will have great backgrounds that are more than just one color: cyan. Those are the only things I can actually assure though.
What else can I say? Oh yeah, the levels that were finished from SRB2 TGF when I left were: GHZ1, GHZ3, THZ1, THZ2 (Love this one), THZ3 (Need to make the boss, level itself is made), DSZ1 (With actual water on a great chunk of the level), DSZ3 (Same as THZ3), and the last two levels bar the final 2 bosses.
One more thing, oh boy, I was really condescending on these messages. I'm sorry if I came off as a douche to anyone, I just liked how I actually kinda finished this project.

Oh, one actual last thing, secret levels will be worked on and playable by the release of Update 5.
That's it? I think so.

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