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<toaster> this link that was posted a while back
<toaster> holy shit, Mystic being actually peppy about character WADs and not completely dejected by their existence
<toaster> 06/30/2003
<MascaraSnake> That's what 14 years and countless SMS clones do to a guy, I guess
<MonsterIestyn> uploading the Shadow wad was clearly a big deal back in the day
<toaster> also, lmao
<toaster> Mystic - (02/13/2003): ...all the links have now been fixed and repointed, so we should be fine, unless Sepwich dies without warning ^_~
<toaster> Mystic - (10/26/2003): ...the bad news is that Sepwich died and all data was lost.
Is it bad form to quote something you posted yourself if it's quoting other people's misery for schaudenfraude
<fickle> giant robo-hood that rips the map apart with her bare hands
shameless plug: please check out my sonic mania lego ideas project, it could become a real thing if yalls support it
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