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I have joined 2016 September, and i also started playing srb2 in the final demo as well, i tried the netgames option on 2.6 got in a laggy server and felt uncomfortable and left, and i thought it was dangerous so i didn't touch it anymore(i was a kid that time), when 2.1 came, i grew up(11 years old by that time), then i finally decided to unravel this netgame mystery, that is how i joined netgames.

I was still a newbie at netgames and i lacked some wads i was in the and see if they have a link or something that they keep all of their wads, and i just noticed the forums now. The forums were very useful and helped me.

In 2016, i decided to visit the Mb often for any new posts, when i saw discussion threads, help threads and criticism threads(Probably Editing) i was a bit interested in it. This is where i tried to join the MB, and i did. I read the rules and i tried posting, tho i was still new, i only bugged toaster and boinciel for help( like images and how the submission works) , and here i am, without a single infraction.
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