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I am using a Windows 7 laptop, a gateway NV79. I factory reset this not too long ago, and after I factory reset, nothing but the web browsers and Hamachi wanted to connect to the internet. And after I updated firefox, it couldn't connect. And now internet explorer isn't cooperating either. I'm using chrome. Skype doesn't connect, SRB2 doesn't connect, PokeMMO doesn't connect... steam connects, oddly enough. But the fact SKYPE, made by MICROSOFT, for MICROSOFT windows 7, raises a red flag there. I've tried everything. Firewall? It's passing them through, still won't connect. Proxy? I set it from medium-high to just medium, still won't connect. I could set it lower, but then it spooks me with saying the computer's insecure. Update windows? still won't connect. I can't for the life of me find the solution to the probem by googling. Can anyone help?
Probably a stupid suggestion, but have you checked if your date is set correctly? I had a similar issue once (factory reset laptop, couldn't connect to internet anymore) and correcting the date fixed it. Though I'm not entirely sure as to why that'd impact SRB2 or other games...
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