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Default SRB2 needs SFX, badly!

Hey, guys! SRB2 is quite lacking in a sound effects department. We've been needing a few more sounds for a while, so I decided that we should involve the community in this. This is your chance to contribute to SRB2, guys!

Here's a sample list of what actions/occurences need sound effects:
* ) Enemy movement/firing
* ) Eggmobile sfx
* ) Fired weapon rings
* ) Wind
* ) Jet engine
* ) Switches/buttons
* ) Earthquake noises
* ) Falling rocks
* ) Fire ambience
* ) Underwater player movement
* ) Ambience of ANY sort. Be a little creative here.
* ) Anything else missing so far.

It isn't just limited to that list, either. Feel free to donate a sound effect(s) that you just feel needs to be in SRB2. Just be sure to mention where/when the sound effect should be used. Who knows, it may just be added...

Feel free to donate anything you've made yourself, or anything from a particular program/game that you think is suitable. There's no requirement that you HAVE to make the sfx yourself.

Requirements to submit:

* ) All submissions must be sent via private message to the SRB2sfx account, linked here: Link. Any PMs sent to my account will be deleted on sight.

* ) Wav files, please.

* ) You must say where exactly the sound byte came from. Just saying the game/program isn't enough, I'm looking for the action corresponding to it. For example, saying "Mario's jumping noise from SMB3" works, where as just saying "It's from SMB3" isn't.

* ) PLEASE, follow the naming convention with the files. (DSxxx##)

* ) This isn't a requirement, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't send us any rips from Sonic 1-3. We've just about taken as many sound effects from the classic games as we can, we're looking for something a bit different here.

Don't feel afraid to submit more than one. Submit as many times as you see fit!

Submissions that are accepted will get a response PM.

Submissions will end when we feel that we have enough of them.

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