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I have a few questions myself about v2.2, if the developers would mind answering them:
  • Will the title screen be changing?
  • Will any music tracks be altered in any way? Will the already-existing track for ACZ2 be changed in any way?
  • How come we haven't been getting any good looks at Tails' new sprites? Are they still unfinished?
  • Will Egg Rock Zone be changing in any ways other than the usual sprite overhaul and slope integration?
  • Will it ever be possible to unload added files?
  • Will Arid Canyon have an Act 3?
  • I swore I once saw something about v2.2 changing how Thing sprites worked, or something like that. Is that true?
  • Will slope physics be improving? Will it allow for actual loops, like what was shown on that one April Fools Day GIF? Also, will it be possible to go up steep slopes without having to spindash?
  • Are the two v2.2 texture WADs linked in the description of a few videos like this a hoax? Or are they real?
Thank you!
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